Haywood Street Congregation


This project came about through Wink's passion for the homeless in our community and discussions with like-minded friends and clients. Twice a month, every other Wednesday, Wink stylists set up shop at the Haywood Street Congregation to cut hair for the residents.

We galvanized our vendors and they showed up big time around this project. We received LOADS of donated products, cutting sheers, combs, etc., and we could not be more grateful. 

Spending time, regularly, and getting to know others in the community has been an enormous gift to us and we love everyone we serve, in the salon or out. If you would like to know more about this causedonate in the form of combs, products or other materials, please contact us. We also invite you to follow Humble Hairdressers - Asheville and spread the word. 

Foster Children in our zip codes

A new family situation, perhaps a new school, can change the way you live and think about yourself and your future. So can how you look. We are focused on the the heads and hearts of foster kids who are getting love, but also need some serious style.

domestic abuse survivors


... because that's what they are - survivors. More than that, they are vital to the people who love them and vital to ALL OF US as human beings. Part of our mission in 2017 and 2018 is on giving style, love, conversation and a new sense of themselves to women who've survived domestic abuse.